"St. Leo's is a beacon of light
to the community."

--Neighborhood Pastor

 Fairmount Provider's Minutes

A short history of the Fairmount Providers









St. Leo the Great Church, known as a beacon of light in our struggling neighborhood, serves as a parish to the North Fairmount, Millvale and The Villages of Roll Hill neighborhoods.  More than 90% of our phone calls are from people in need.  St. Leo’s offers a wide variety of services to residents of our neighborhoods, including:

Alcoholics Anonymous
Chapter meetings held at St. Leo’s weekly. 

Bereavement Services:  St. Leo’s hosts funeral services for indigent members of our community as well as neighborhood persons who have no faith affiliation.  Upon request, St. Leo’s Pastor offers his services as a presider at funeral services held onsite or at local funeral homes. 

Christmas Give-Away for residents in the neighborhood. 

Doorbell Ministry
Offers a warm welcome, solace for the soul, referrals to and information about social service agencies, and assistance dealing with the need at hand.

Childhood Food Solutions
Is an outgrowth of the Fairmount Providers’ group which strives to provide a food safety net for needy children on the 187 days school is not in session with special focus on providing food for winter and spring breaks and summer.  Childhood Food Solutions is based at St. Leo’s.
Childhood Poverty: Food is the Solution  

CINCINNATI (Rich Jaffe) 

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CUP (Catholics United for the Poor) 
Is a fund-raising organization for a variety of Catholic agencies that aid the poor. CUP offices are based at St. Leo’s.

Fairmount Providers

Click here for A Short History of the Fairmount Providers
In November, 2004, representatives of community, church, school, recreation groups and social service agencies in the Fairmount neighborhood began meeting to share information, network and advocate together to further enhance the quality of life in our area.  Fairmount Providers continue to meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December) from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Members take turns hosting and providing lunch. Anyone is welcome to attend.  Minutes: February 20, 2020

National Day of Prayer/Caravan of Prayer  
For more than a decade St. Leo’s has been joined with other churches in the neighborhood to enfold the community in prayer on the National Day of Prayer, the first Thursday in May. Participants form a caravan of prayer, stopping to pray at least a dozen places in the neighbor, including schools, treatment centers, senior residences, playgrounds, and areas of high crime. Anyone is invited to take part in the prayer caravans.

Prison Ministry
Since the late 1970s, Hamilton County, Ohio jail and treatment facilities have been served by volunteer chaplains.  In 2007, a group of chaplains--led by Reverend Jack Marsh--gathered in prayer to discern how they could add to the success of jail ministry, both locally and other places.  Part of their discernment centered on how to create an enhanced model for jail ministry that was effective, measurable and replicable.  After months of meetings, myriad pads of easel paper and a mountain of prayer, Transforming Jail Ministries was born.  St. Leo's pastor, Fr. Jim Schutte, serves as one of the chaplains for Transforming Jail Ministries.

Visiting the Imprisoned

Used Toy and Clothing Sale
Offers families of limited means the great dignity and opportunity to Christmas shop for their families. Held once a year, in December. Open to anybody and everybody. New and gently used clothing, toys and knick-knacks are made available at affordable prices.

St. Leo Church is proud to be a member of The Fairmount Providers' Group, which meets on a regular basis and communicates among themselves on a daily basis to collectively work to meet the needs of the residents of North Fairmount and surrounding neighborhoods.

1st Baptist Church, South Comminsville
1 Peter 2:9 World Wide Ministries 662-6884
3rd Presbyterian, McHenry Avenue 236-9598, Inc. 604-2551
Active Learning Childcare 471-8000
Amicus Children Learning Centers    681-4000
Beech Acres
Beech Acres Parenting Center 
BEKIND    373-6197 
Bethany House Services 557-2873
Boys & Girls Club at Chase Elementary    363-1334 
Care Source
Chatfield College 921-9856
Childhood Food Solutions 910-4162
Chris Lane Community Action Agency
Church of God's Forgiving 
Cinti. Arch. Office of African American Ministry 421-3131
Cincinnati Health Dept.
CMHA    861-0600 
Cincinnat Police, District 3 263-8300
Cincinnati Recreation Center, Millvale 352-4352
Cincinnati Recreation Program,Roll Hill School 352-4351
Cincinnati Urban Ministry 384-7300
Cincinnati Youth Collaborative    475-4184
City Cure Xtreme Adventures 345-1034 or 276-0179
Claver Jesuit Ministry 681-8500
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority
Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati 751-8000
D-TechSS    389-0420 
DePaul Cristo Rey High School
East End Community Heritage School   631-1615 
Episcopal Community Service Foundation 221-0547
First Taste Grill 251-1777
Galilee Baptist Church 661-1724
Healthy Moms and Babes 591-6000
Hopple Street Health Center 853-8854
Immanuel United Church of Christ 921-2965
Interfaith Business Builders    557-3600 
Kearney, Senator Eric 
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful    Alicia.Kravitz@cincinnati-oh-gov 
Mallory Center 591-2255
Martini United Church of Christ 471-2297
McHenry House    541-1453 
Mentor Coordinator for CYC westside
Millcreek Restoration Projects
Millvale Rec Center 
Mt. St. Joseph College Internship Program
National Heritage Academies    
North Fairmount Community Center 921-5842, 2569 St. Leo Place
North Fairmount Community Center 921-3920, 1769 Carll Street
North Fairmount Community Council 251-5502
Orion Academy/National Heritage Academies
P J Sittenfeld, Cincinnati City Council
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 859-307-1895
President Drive Church of Christ 542-8848
Quebec Heights Elementary School 353-4571
Roll Hill Elementary School 363-4000
Shepherd's Heart Christian Fellowship 203-1495
St. Leo Church 921-1044
St. Leo Food Pantry 921-1044
St. Leo Parish Nurse 872-4398
St. Vincent dePaul, Bank Street 562-8841
South Fairmount Community Council 
Stepping Stones Ministries, Baltimore Ave. 825-1955
Talbert House for Women 557-2500
Taylor Academy 617-9964
The Midwife Is In 919-1542
TriHealth, CHMC prematurity initiative    862-6950
UC Gear Up Program   556-3611 
University of Cincinnati Medical School 
Union Savings Bank 605-1204
University of Cincinnati Counseling Program 556-3716
Villages at Roll Center 591-2692
Willing Spirit Baptist Church    885-2965
World Outreach Christian Church