A Letter From Our Pastor

Dear St. Leo Family,

St. Leo Church has stood as a beacon of faith, family, and tradition for well over a century. The vibrant tapestry of our congregation reflects the diversity that is the cornerstone of our community. We hope you will join us for our 10:30 AM Sunday Mass. It a celebration woven with English, Spanish, and Swahili that testifies to Christ’s love flowing in our readings, homilies, and the hymns that fill our sacred space.

With your generous support, we recently replaced our aging boiler, a vital upgrade that ensures our church remains a warm and welcoming sanctuary throughout winter months. The blessing of a new boiler extends beyond our weekly Masses; it enables us to continue vital activities such as choir rehearsals, Youth Group meetings, and the sacred sacrament of baptism.

Now we must focus on a crucial task: restoring our roof. The clay tiles from 1911 have weathered the storms of time. In 2021, we repaired the areas above the sanctuary and sacristy with a more durable tile to ensure longevity, yet still preserving the style and era of the church. As we face the task of replacing the remaining weak spots, we will continue to utilize these new tiles that require less maintenance and are less expensive compared to the original clay tiles.

The roof replacement has been prioritized into four stages of our Raise the Roof Campaign:

Phase I:  West Elevation

Phase II:  East Elevation

Phase III: North Elevation

Phase IV: Steeple

Funding for this initiative is already in place, with $30,000 remaining from the boiler campaign and an additional $15,000 in savings. We are reaching out to our parish and business communities for support of this initiative. We invite every member of our parish and our local business community to play a vital role in this transformative project. Together, we will continue to write the story of St. Leo the Great Church—a testament to faith, diversity, and unity.

In addition to looking for grants and soliciting cash donations to support our roof repair, we have planned several other exciting fundraising events to help reach our financial goals. As details become available, we will share information about these activities in our church bulletin, newsletter, website, and social media. We understand that not everyone will be able to help us with a cash donation, but we encourage you to consider donating goods or volunteer hours for some of these fundraising events.

We remain grateful for your ongoing support of the mission of St. Leo the Great Church. When you have questions or would like more details about the Raise the Roof fundraising initiative, call 513-921-1044.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Rev. Rodolfo Coaquira, MCCJ