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Archbishop Schnurr's most recent interview with Sacred Heart Catholic Radio about Beacons of Light

Please read the most up to date messaging about the Beacons Of Light September 2021.
Letter from ArchBishop Schnurr

Below is a letter from Father Jan about Beacons of Light for September 2021:

Dear Parishioners and Visitors to the Cathedral Basilica,

This article is a continuation of a series, begun 09.12.2021 on the archdiocesan planning initiative entitled Beacons of Light …

Since that January meeting of pastors, I previously mentioned there has been a flurry of activity that brings us to a very important meeting happening this Wednesday, September 29. In the interim period we have been busy building a team who are working in my department to bring about all of the various facets of the plan for Beacons of Light.  I have also given up my responsibility for the Evangelization side of my department so as to focus on this important endeavor.

This archdiocese has spent the last thirty-five years plus planning. Each of those three plans, while well-conceived and executed were believed to be the only plan we would ever need … we all, of course know how that can go, the first lead to the second and onward due to the changing circumstances of the times. I’m not going to try and fool anyone as I am certain this will not be the last plan needed. The circumstances will continue to change. However, for at least the next ten years we feel pretty confident in what is being proposed to direct us in dealing with a profound lack of resources of varied kinds.

The Church in our part of the world suffers today for many reasons; lower birth rates, populations moving to other parts of the country and thus fewer numbers of the faithful to occupy our churches. Many of our people, especially younger adults, have left the practice of the faith. With that reality comes a decline in stewardship of time and talent as well as Sunday offerings, making it difficult to continue to be able to support the infrastructure and ministries of our multitude of parishes presently in place. With the above there is also the decline in the number of men who have been ordained priests over the last fifty years … all of this has caught up with us and will continue to affect us for the foreseeable future.

An aside, it is true, our seminary is doing quite well and as of the beginning of this academic year the archdiocese has fifty men studying at Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary of the West. We should be very proud and very hopeful in those numbers. The downside, however, is that we are in the midst of a period when we have a very large number of priests who are and will be retired. By July 1, 2022 we will have only 125 active priests …. think about that when we have 210 parishes gathered in 109 Regions.

As you can see, there are multiple factors involved in what brings us to this place and in the decision making Each of them is an important consideration in the reasoning behind Beacons of Light. All of our data collection and study of the facts has shown us that we must reduce our footprint so as to better minister to God’s people and to focus the resources available for life in our communities. A life that will “feed’ the needs of the present day faithful and attract to our way of life as Catholics those who are seeking the deepest relationship possible with Jesus Christ.

Archbishop Schnurr expressed it well some months ago when he said, “Our archdiocese was built for horse and buggy times when the multitude and closeness of the parishes was necessary for ministering to our people.” With the advent of the automobile this is no longer a necessity, and we must look closely at the changes that are upon us.

Over the last ten months or so we have been engaged with consultants in several rounds of planning with our priests and laity alike. We have been talking with one another quite a bit in order to gather the necessary input/feedback so as to formulate a plan … it has been quite the journey and it will be yours to join in shortly for input and support as we move forward in forming our vision.

There is certainly much more I would like to share, and I am going to suggest a way that can happen in a moment. In closing I would like to ask you to do several things. Firstly, pray for the success of this endeavor, pray for our priests and parishioners who must face the reality of our time in history, pray for open minds and hearts, pray for people to be charitable to one another … to be Christians and not allow their emotions to win the day, PRAY for the Church of Cincinnati!

Secondly, During the first several weeks of October you will have access to the suggested Family of Parishes groupings that have been developed over the last several months. These groupings are based on the data gathering previously mentioned and are sized according to ministerial workload. A few parishes will continue to stand alone but others will be grouped in two’s and more with each grouping or Family being roughly equal to each of the others in workload for the clergy called upon to minister to the faithful who reside in the Family. You are invited to constructively comment during this period.

Additionally, and here is how you can find out more, I invite you to reference the Beacons of Light Website for any information you may be looking for at If you can’t find it there you can’t find it anywhere, as they say and importantly, the first time you visit the website sign up for the newsletter as it will keep you informed of the plan and to our progress … with all the news that’s fit to print!

Kindest Regards, Fr. Jan

World Refugee Day June 20, 2021- Celebration

Help us celebrate World Refugee Day on June 20th, An international day is declared to raise awareness about the state of refugees all over the world. The United Nations has recognized 20th June of every year as World Refugee Day. This international day is observed worldwide but is not a national holiday. Follow the link from the St. Leo and Our Lady of the Visitation early celebration of World Refugee Day. 

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