In deepest gratitude and in a true spirit of partnership, we promise to keep your parish in our prayers always, and welcome the opportunity to develop programs to benefit your parish congregation as well as ours, such as: 

St. Leo's Wants to Pray For You

_____ Social Justice speakers/programs

_____ Mini-Retreats 

_____ RCIA programs                                                                                   

_____ Pilgrimages                                                         

_____ Urban Plunges

_____ High School Retreats

            _____ Youth Group Activities

_____ Internships

            _____ Prayer Wall Visits

            _____ Choir Visit/Trade

            _____ Pulpit Visit/Trade

            _____ Foreign Culture Days/Festivals

            _____ Feast of the Epiphany Prayer Service and International Potluck

            _____ Meeting Rooms Available

            _____ Use of our Recording Studio

_____ Scheduled Sunday assistance with advance notice, or last minute On–Call Emergency Sunday Mass Presider.

Do you have an idea about how St. Leo's might help your parish?  Contact us at 513-921-1044 or email