How do I register to join the parish?
Please the call the office at 513-921-1044 or email  

How do I schedule a Mass intention?
Please the call the office at 513-921-1044 or email  

I would like to have my baby baptized, who do I call?
For information about preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism, please call 513.921.1044 or email  , three (3) weeks in advance. 

I’m getting married, who do I call?
For more information about preparing for or scheduling the Sacrament of Marriage please call 513.921.1044 or email, six (6) months in advance.   

I’m having surgery / I have a family member in the hospital,
how can I arrange for the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick?

If you have a serious illness, are scheduled for surgery or hospitalization and would like to receive this Sacrament, please call 513.921.1044. Keep in mind, due to privacy laws, hospitals do not notify the parish if a parishioner is admitted.   For emergencies, please call 513.921.1044. 

I need a copy of my baptismal / confirmation / marriage record,
who do I call?

Please the call the office at 513-921-1044 or email 

I need to see the pastor, how do I make an appointment? 
Fr. Rodolfo Coaquira, MCCJ sets his own appointments. Contact  Fr. Rudy at 513.921.1044.  If he is not in the office or is unavailable to take your call, leave a voice mail message and he will call you back to set an appointment.  
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Office not open?  Calling after hours?
Call or e-mail our staff at anytime.  All e-mail and phone messages are checked frequently. 
Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are located on the Staff page of this website.