With music and prayer, Fr. Jim blesses a Guatemalan couple celebrating their 36th anniversary. They were in the country visiting their sons, all of whom are musicians at St. Leo.

On January 1st, our Burundi musicians shared their prayer of music at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral for the World Day of Peace Mass.

Attending a symphony the weekend after 911, the conductor’s reflection on the tragedy was to just listen to the special opening music selected for that particular evening since no words could ever express the sorrow of the calamity.

The haunting melody, the texture of the strings, and moments of quietness when the music would “breathe” brought a universal understanding and compassion of the emotional aftermath. No words, just music: a universal language—everyone understood it.

In prayer as well, whether you understand what the words mean or not, music takes us to another level of inspiration and understanding.

Music is prayer for our musicians at St. Leo and for anyone in attendance. The vibration and breathing to the music resonates throughout our whole being. If you’ve ever experienced the chants of our Burundi musicians or the percussive rhythms of our Guatemalan music groups, no words are needed. Our hearts beat as one with the music.

Making Music, Praying Twice.  Amen!


Oh (5x). Soñemos un mundo mejor
Naciones de fraternidad.
Soñemos un mundo mejor
Familias que viven en amor.

Ven dame tu mano
Soñemos un mundo mejor
Libres del egoísmo
Civilizados en el amor

Que en nuestros colores construyan
Primaveras de fraternidad.
Que en nuestras fronteras no existan más
Muros de separación.

Oh (5x) Somos el Pueblo de dios
Llamados para vivir.
Somos el Pueblo de Dios.
Somos un Pueblo especial.

Oh ..... We dream of a better world
With nations of brother and sisterhoods.
We dream of a better world
With families that live in love.

Come give me your hand
We dream of a better world
Free from selfishness
Civilized in love

May our colors (of our skin, races) build
Seasons of Spring of brotherhood and sisterhood.
May our borders and
walls of separation exist no more.

Oh......We are the People of God
Called to live.
We are the people of God
We are a special people.

Ministerio Creación, one of St. Leo’s Guatemalan music groups, shared this prayer of music at a Social Justice gathering hosted by Tony Stieritz with the Social Action Office of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in early March. Representatives from several parishes gathered to discuss justice issues and social actions to be taken to help others. It was specifically chosen by the music group, as the lyrics truly share a solidarity in the purpose of those gathered.