Friday, March 22, 2019
Learning English

Celebrating Our 125th!


Once upon a time….

St. Leo the Great Parish began with immigrants and refugee parishioners…

How does one learn English and cope in everyday life with our complex language? St. Leo offers Monday Night ESL (English as a Second Language), Thursday Women’s group ESL, and other opportunities just to learn English. Coping in our United States society is another matter completely. From where does the biggest assistance come with these two very important cultural adjustments? The children!

All of our immigrant and refugee school-aged children attend various grade, middle, and high schools. By their fast acclimation to the language and direct involvement on a daily basis with American children, they have more occasion to be exposed to our country’s culture, thereby sharing it with their parents and other adults.

It’s still a rough uphill climb for the children. That’s where extra tutoring is invaluable. In these last few weeks of summer break, the children are receiving weekly tutoring sessions to prepare for their return to school. With the start of a new school year, a new Tuesday evening program is being created to help not only with English, but with class studies and homework. A team of volunteers, teachers and students from various local schools and parishes, will assist each student. What a wonderful gift and opportunity for the next generation!


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