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Archbishop Schnurr's most recent interview with Sacred Heart Catholic Radio about Beacons of Light

The most up to date letter from Archbishop Schnurr: Beacons of Light September 2021


A message from Father Jim about the Beacons of Light:

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is again planning for the future of the church. This is mainly because the number of priests who are retiring and/or dying is greater than the number of active priests. We are unable to provide a pastor for all the parishes who need pastors. It is becoming increasingly difficult for a priest to be a pastor for more than one parish.  Many of our parishes are restricted to maintaining the current structure at the expense of mission, service, and living the Gospel. The plan is called “Beacons of Light.” It is designed to create parish vitality around a main operating principle or goal: there will be one pastor and one parish per region. The deans are coordinating this process. A professional company has been hired to assist us and facilitate the planning process in conjunction with the Archdiocesan Office of Parish Vitality. Phase One is currently in process.  The Office of Parish Vitality has collected data from all the parishes and deaneries to evaluate the pairing of parishes within regions. Regions are now being called “parish families.”  St. Boniface and St. Leo are both in the Cathedral Deanery and it will become our task to plan to become a parish family together as one parish with one pastor. I call your attention to the insert in this week’s bulletin, and it is posted on our parish web site. It is a summary of the entire planning process with all phases and a timeline showing when each phase begins and ends. Please familiarize yourself with this process and most importantly hold it in prayer. There is a website to keep you up to date on the process and it has suggestions for prayer.  I will also keep you informed.