Sunday, September 27, 2020
Lost In Translation

If anyone has seen the movie with the above title, not only a simple spoken statement but entire cultural concepts can be lost in translation, especially when it comes to classwork and “extracurricular” activities!  Through the Monday night ESL (English as a Second Language) class, two very special young men have bonded and are learning a variety of translatable topics.

Cole, a 17 year-old junior at Elder High School this September, started helping at ESL in February, 2012, after reading about it in his home parish newsletter.  What an opportunity for some service hours—and so it began.  He enjoyed it so much he continued volunteering every week.  In order to learn more phrases and get a better understanding of the English language, Alex attended Monday night ESL.  As a freshman at Withrow High School, 15 years old Alex benefitted from the ESL classes.

The two met and their friendship began.  While still in school, Alex knew he could contact Cole for help which was a considerable advantage and relief.  He could also send a “Help Me” text knowing Cole could guide him through whatever conundrum he was encountering.

This summer, Cole and Alex shared numerous fun times together. Going downtown to The Banks, watching Cole at Lacrosse practice, and especially going to the pool at Cole’s grandmother’s house to swim created diversion, exposure to our country’s pastimes and swimming!  Jumping into the pool was a big “splash” in more ways than one!  For the pool picnics, “Ba” (Cole’s grandmother, Ginny) would serve up lunch where it was discovered turkey sandwiches and pies are not a big hit with Alex!  (Now, Twizzlers are another thing, and yummed by everyone!)  Five Guys burgers are better than those turkey sandwiches!

Not only have Alex and Cole become friends, but Cole’s siblings, Cassidy, Makiya and Caden love having another “big brother” around to play with!  What a blossoming of friendships crossing the boundaries of culture and language!

Cole and Alex’s friendship brought forth a wonderful inspiration from Cole’s mother, Kerry.  She contacted St. Leo’s with the idea to start weekly tutoring for all students grade school through high school.  The first tutoring class begins September 18th and will be held every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30pm. Her network of teachers, parents and acquaintances from various venues will work with the students one-on-one, addressing the individual’s needs and homework assignments.  This is especially encouraging for Alex who enjoys school, would like to know more about math and language arts, but doesn’t always understand the homework.  The new Tutoring Program will provide extra understanding and problem solving for him and other students.


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