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    • Calendar
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    • Foreign Mission Meets Home Mission
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    • Pastoral Care
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    • Prayer Requests
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      Prayer Requests
    • Sacraments
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    • St. Leo Staff
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    • St. Leo's Parish Wish List
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    • Worship Schedule
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      • Holy Year of Mercy
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    • Who Was Saint Leo the Great
      … Who Was Saint Leo the Great?, Image of St. Leo , Footer Message
    • 125th Anniversary Prayer
      … 125th Anniversary Prayer, Interior circa 1950, Exterior circa 1890, Footer Message
    • 125th Anniversary Song
      … St. Leo's 125th Anniversary Song, Music Director Rick Nohle, Footer Message
    • 125th Celebration Continues
      … 125th Celebration Continues - "Paving the Way", "Old" Car, "New" Pavement, Footer Message
    • Beginning the Next 125 Years
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  • Get Involved
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  • Publications
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St. Leo The Great Parish

Rev. James R. Schutte, Pastor
2573 St. Leo Place
Cincinnati, OH 45225
513-921-1044 ext. 21


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