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News & Events
Food Pantry Volunteers Needed

6 – 8 Shopper/Escort volunteers are needed at St. Leo's Food Pantry 

Read more.

Civilize It

Civilize It:  Anyone and everyone can commit together to honoring human dignity through civil conversation.

Read more.

Health Day at St. Leo's

Health Day at St. Leo’s, 2573 Saint Leo Place, Cincinnati, OH  45225, Sponsored by Su Casa Hispanic Center, Thursday, March 5, 2020, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Read more.

Food Pantry Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in helping out a few hours a day, a week, or a month, please contact Stephanie Sepate at 513-921-1044 or email for more information, or to sign up! Invite a friend or two to join you! The more the merrier! Read more.

Sr. Mary Duddey, SDP Receives the Spirit of Dorothy Stang Award

Sister Mary Duddey, SDP, Receives the Spirit of Sister Dorothy Stang Award

Read more.



Letter from Archbishop Schnurr regarding migrants

For these reasons, I reaffirm our call to all Catholics and people of goodwill to take action.  I encourage us again to tell the Administration and Congress to prioritize the lives and dignities of migrants and to restore order to our broken immigration system. Read more.

Catholic Actions To Support Immigrants

Catholic Actions to take to support Immigrant Families and Children Read more.

Monday Morning Food Pantry Volunteer needed

St. Leo Food Pantry needs a volunteer to occasionally help out our pick up team on Monday mornings. Ride along in the cargo van, pick up food items from donor vendors, return to food pantry and deliver the donations. Call Stephanie if interested at 513-921-1044 ext.20 Read more.

Part-time Volunteer Opportunity at St. Leo Food Pantry

Looking for something worthy to do? Looking for a new challenge?  Do you have a spouse/partner/friend that you would like to share the job with?  That’s fine too!  St. Leo Food Pantry is seeking a VOLUNTEER assistant administrator. If you (and a teammate) are interested, please contact Stephanie Sepate, Pantry Administrator, at 513-921-1044 ext. 20

Read more.

Volunteers Needed at the Food Pantry

Food Pantry Volunteers Always Needed

Call 513-921-1044 If you can help out!

Read more.

What you can do to promote greater solidarity with migrants!

What you can do to promote greater solidarity with migrants!  Action Steps provided by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic Social Action Office
Read more.

Sign Up for Smart 911

Plan Ahead For Any Emergency :  Give 9-1-1 the information they need to help you fast.   Go to: 
Read more.

Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert:  Victims receive unsolicited phone calls from someone posing as a Hamilton County Sheriff Deputy from Court Services. Victims are told there is a warrant for their arrest for not showing up for jury duty. Anyone with information about the fraud is asked to call the Major Offenders Unit at 352-3542 or CRIMESTOPPERS at 352-3040. 

Read more.

Youth Group Making Alfombras

In keeping with a Guatemalan Lenten custom, St. Leo's made alfombras, carpets made of colorful sawdust.

Read more.

Volunteers Needed to Fold, Tab and Label Our Monthly Newsletter

4 or 5 or 6 volunteers are needed ASAP to fold, tab and label our monthly newsletter.  Read more.

Stained Glass Window Fund

Many, many thanks to all of you who supported our Stained Glass Window Appeal.  We simply can’t thank you enough!
Read more.

Civilize It!

Campaign to promote civility, clarity and compassion in electoral politics and among ourselves.

Read more.

Tour St. Leo's nearly completed "choice" food pantry.

Take a quick tour of St. Leo's almost finished "choice" food pantry.

Read more.

Food Pantry Volunteers Needed

Food Pantry Volunteers Desperately Needed!

Read more.

English As A Second Language Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed for our Saturday morning ESL classes.  10:00 am - Noon at St. Leo's Rectory. We currently teach English to Spanish and Burundi speaking students, but welcome all interested in learning English. We can always use English speakers to help students practice. Read more.

Many Thanks to Our Food Pantry Volunteers

Many thanks to all the wonderful, incredible volunteers who helped move the Food Pantry to its new home!

Read more.

St. Leo's Featured in the Channel 9 Insider

St. Leo's was recently featured in a story by Kevin Eigelbach of the Channel 9 Insider.  Read the entire story at: Read more.

City Beat video featuring St. Leo's

Be sure to check out the video produced by and featured in the City Beat newspaper.

Read more.

City Beat Video Features St. Leo's

Be sure to check out the video produced by City Beat newspaper featuring St. Leo the Great Parish.

Read more.

Seeking Refuge

St. Leo the Great Parish featured in the City Beat newspaper, Seeking Refuge.

Read more.

St. Leo's Pieta

The St. Leo Pietà has been given a new life.

Read more.

Support St. Leo's When You Shop Kroger

Help support St. Leo's many spiritual and corporal acts of mercy by shopping at Kroger's. 

Register online at:

Read more.

Holy Year of Mercy Pilgrim Site

St. Leo's is one of several churches throughout the Archdiocese that have been named as pilgrim sites for the Holy Year of Mercy. Read more.

St. Leo's in the news

St. Leo's was mentioned on Channel 12 News in a story about the non-profit Childhood Food Solutions

Read more.

DROP what you’re doing and re-enROLL

Re-Enroll or Become a member online at with your Kroger Plus card.  Read more.

Oath of Citizenship

The ripple effect is taking place at St. Leo's; more new citizens!

Read more.

Many, many thanks to Our Lady of the Visitation Parish

All of us at St. Leo’s are truly, deeply grateful to our Covenant Parish, Our Lady of the Visitation, for inviting us to join them at their annual parish picnic.   Read more.

Many, many thanks to St. Leo's Youth Group

Many, many thanks to St. Leo’s youth group who arrived early in the morning to help set up the tables and chairs indoors and out, laid out the table covers and fanciful table decorations for St. Leo's Children's Event. Read more.

Many, Many Thanks to Children's Event Donors and Volunteers

St. Leo's Children's Event a Huge Success!

Read more.

Support St. Leo's - Shop Kroger's

Help support St. Leo's many spiritual and corporal acts of mercy by shopping at Kroger's.

Read more.

Many, many thanks to IHM Social Justice Committee

Many, many thanks to IHM Social Justice Committee for their bountiful school house collection to benefit the children of St. Leo's parish.

Read more.

St. Leo the Great Parish is most grateful to UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

Many thanks to UnitedHealthcare Community Plan for donating 5 laptop computers. Read more.

Many, many thanks to Catholic Heart Work Camp

Many, many thanks to all the folks from Catholic Heart Work Camp

Read more.

St. Leo Food Pantry Now Serving Millvalle Neighborhood

St. Leo Food Pantry has expanded our service area to include the Millvalle Neighborhood. Read more.

St. Leo the Great Church works with Global Music & Wellness

St. Leo the Great Church works closely with Global Music & Wellness to improve the lives of older Burundi Refugees.

Read more.

Thanks to the volunteers from St. Michael the Archangel Parish

Many, many thanks to the volunteers from St. Michael the Archangel Parish community outreach committee.

Read more.

Support St. Leo's - Shop Kroger's

Help support St. Leo's many spiritual and corporal acts of mercy by shopping at Kroger's. All you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card. You will still receive your mileage points and other customer rewards, while you support St. Leo's!  Register online at:  Enter St. Leo's NPO #28680 or search for St. Leo the Great Church.

Read more.

Many, many thanks to St. James, White Oak

St. Leo's is truly, deeply grateful for the beautiful crucifix, baptistry and ambo.

Read more.

Student from St. Leo's Parish featured in Cincinnati State billboard.

Congratulates to Ernestine, member of St. Leo the Great Parish, whose beautiful photo is shown in one of Cincinnati State's downtown billboards. 

Read more.

On Days with Inclement Weather

Check out the following stations for St. Leo event cancellations:  
WCPO - Channel 9, WKRC - Channel 12, WXIX   - Channel 19

Read more.

Fourth Anniversary of St. Leo's Prayer Wall Dedication

October 18, 2013 marks the fourth anniversary of St. Leo's Prayer Wall Dedication. Read more.

Many, many thanks to our covenant partner parish, Our Lady of Visitation.

Many, many thanks to our covenant partner parish, Our Lady of Visitation, for including St. Leo’s congregation at your parish picnic at Stricker’s Grove.   Read more.

Prayers for Immigration Reform

St. Leo the Great Parish joined Holy Family Church in praying for immigration reform:

Read more.

Ice Cream Sundae Sunday a Big Success!

Ice Cream Sundae Sunday a Big Success!

Read more.

Catching Up With Our Youth

No more being bored! Read more.

Many, many thanks to Alive In You Catholic Conference and Service Camp

Many, many thanks for the energetic, enthusiastic, high quality service work done by the Alive In You volunteers. Read more.

Two St. Leo the Great Parish members honored for their work with the Red Cross

Two of our St. Leo the Great Parish members just returned from Washington, DC where they were members of one of six Red Cross groups from around the US honored for their work on a video.

Read more.

St. Leo's Vestibule Painting Featured in the May 16, 2013 Catholic Beat

St. Leo's vesitbule painting is featured in the May 16, 2013 edition of "Treasures" section of the Catholic Beat

Read more.

From Our Friends in New Zealand

It is amazing how far and wide the love of God can stretch and continue to spread!  Read more.

Father Jim Joins the Ranks of the Fire Department Chaplains

Recently, Father Jim joined the ranks of the Fire Department Chaplains.   Read more.

St. Leo's In the News

St. Leo's was featured in a story about our North Fairmount neighborhood on WCPO.  Check it out at:

Read more.

St. Leo's Parishioner, Dr. Jonathan Trauth, ReceivesThe Spirit of Sr. Dorothy Stang Award

The Spirit of Sister Dorothy Stang Award is granted by the Sisters of Notre dame de Namur and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Offices of Mission, Catholic Social Action, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, and Evangelization and Catechesis. The Award is granted to someone who has demonstrated Christ-like solidarity with the poor, shows care for the Earth, and applies Catholic Social Teaching in cross cultural service.  Read more.



St. Leo The Great Parish

Rev. James R. Schutte, Pastor
2573 St. Leo Place
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513-921-1044 ext. 21


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