Friday, March 22, 2019

 We need you!   We appreciate you!   We love you! 

Our needs so far exceed our own resources on many levels and we invite you to share your time, talents and treasures to be about the Lord's work with us.

Cash to Cover Operating Expenses is Essential:  in order to continue to provide the many spiritual and corporal works of mercy that St. Leo’s provides for the residents of the struggling neighborhood of North Fairmount, we must be able to turn on the lights and electronic equipment, plug in the freezers and refrigerators in the food pantry, heat the buildings, answer the phones, access running water, repair and maintain our physical plant and compensate our small, dedicated and determined staff.  Without these we simply cannot answer Jesus’ call to love our neighbors as ourselves. 

We rely on you without taking you away from your own parish and our hope is that we give to you additional experiences to live the gospel in accord with your own parish mission statement but in ways different from what your parish may be able to offer you. 

Your donation is humbly and gratefully accepted.  Every single gift means everything to us!

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 ¡Gracias!    Murakoze!    Thank You! 

We are deeply grateful for your continued and generous support. Our St. Leo the Great parish community promises to remember you and your loved ones in our private prayer, as well as in our communal prayer, which is to say that we are praying for you all the time. May our gracious God fill you with every blessing!

Fall Appeal 2018

Fall 2018

Dear Friend(s) of St. Leo,

Do you know where foreign mission meets home mission?  It’s right here at St. Leo’s where we continue to carry out spiritual and corporal works of mercy on behalf of our refugee and migrant parishioners as well as the residents of our struggling neighborhood. We are all meant to have a home together and one day we will. God is bringing this about, but we also need to do our part to allow earthly reality to reflect our promised heavenly home. 

St. Leo’s continues to provide a spiritual home for our refugee, immigrant and neighborhood parishioners and we are truly becoming family. This is evident at the many Baptisms, First Communions and Confirmations we’ve been celebrating where godparents and sponsors are often members of our extended parish family, across cultures and ethnicities! Without a doubt, we belong together, we are the church of God and brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Of course, just like a family whose expenses increase as the children grow older, (increasing appetites, clothing and shoe sizes, and housing and household needs) St. Leo’s is experiencing similar kinds of increasing needs to care for our growing parish and neighborhood family.

We invite you to join us as we respond to Jesus' invitation to "inherit the kingdom" by helping us serve His brothers and sisters.  We count on your financial support as much as we count on the support of our parishioners.  Whether you are able to increase what you have been giving or remain consistent, or if this is the first time, we ask that you do so desiring to help us give thanks for all the good that the Lord is doing for us all. 

May God bestow upon you and your family all His good grace and abundant blessings.  Our St. Leo the Great parish family promises to remember you and your loved ones in our private prayer, as well as in our communal prayer, which is to say that we are praying for you all the time.

There are many opportunities to share in our ministries, either directly or indirectly.  Be sure to check us out on Facebook and on our Web Page at, and please spread the word about us to all of your family and friends.   Again, thank you so very much for your generous support.

Sincerely in the Lord,


Fr. Jim Schutte, Pastor 

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